Dear reader,

Experienced french engineer in computer sciences, with this WEB site, I humbly dare sharing some of my knowledges and findings acquired during my career.

After the school, I started working for some consulting companies before joining bigger structures like Matra Communication, Nortel, Alcatel, Nokia or Continental. I also worked abroad during two years as an expat for Nortel company (in Ottawa, Canada's capital).

I keep my skills up to date by reading/writing technical documents and studying/developing open sources. I am focused on low level software development in Linux environment (embedded or not) and C language. Performances, good design and tests are my concerns. I am familiar with the Linux system programming but also some real-time environments like VxWorks, file systems (ext4, squashfs, ubifs), systemd, the internals of the GNU C library, virtualization techniques through the Linux namespaces (LXC containers) and many other topics.

Software programming is my job but also one of my favorite hobbies. I spend the rest of my time reading, traveling and practicing sports.

Enjoy your visit on my WEB site!

      Rachid Koucha

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